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What We've Been Up to This Winter

Posted by admin on February 13, 2015


We know.. We know...it has been a long time since we have sent a farm update.  We have been taking a lesson from the season.  We are slowing down and spending more time getting cozy with our family next to the wood stove.  Well, sometimes it is like that! :)


The Cows are surviving the winter well.  Brian started feeding them hay in paddock number 3 in November.  They were moved every couple of days to a new strip with a fresh roundbale of hay.  The round bales weigh about 600lbs and Brian loves to roll them around.  hahaha Actually he rolls the feeder from one hay bale to the next it only weighs 80lbs.  

Regenerative Agriculture spotlight for this month.  Conventional farmers feed cattle in feedlots over the winter.  The cows come to the hay and water.  In our model we take the hay and water to the cows.  This results in scattering manure across the pastures instead of a high concentration and build up in one area.  When spring comes all of that manure thaws and washes right into our watershed using conventional practices.  We hope that our rotational grazing allows enough time and space for those wonderful minerals to be absorbed by the pasture before reaching the watershed.  

We are expecting two calves soon.   Last year we had to warm and dry a calf indoors.  Hopefully most of our ladies will wait for better weather!   


Jennie’s brother, James, has been doing most of the hen chores.  Brian is grateful!  Jennie is still washing all the eggs.  We are packing almost 120dz eggs a week.  You can get our eggs through the winter Egg CSA, Mountain People’s Coop and All things Herbal.


Stay tuned for this year’s Poultry order form.  As soon as we get a chance to plan production for this season we’ll send out the reservation form.  

Family Gossip

We  been working on the house again.  We have 2 bedrooms and a bathroom a-l-m-o-s-t done.  That frees up the farm office.  We hope that means Brian and Jennie will be more organized this year!  Aden is potty trained, we know you all have been waiting as long as we have!  Catch the Possum Tail Farm Orchestra at the Gardner Winter Music Festival on Saturday February 28th.  Brian will play fiddle and Arianna will be on the hammered dulcimer.  

Thank you to all the customers who have continued to seek out Possum Tail Farm food even in the cold weather!

As Always, You are the reason we farm!  

Thank you!
Brian and Jennie Kahly

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