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Possum Tales-We have an On-line Store-Spread the word

Posted by possumtailfarm on March 28, 2016

We are about to start our 5th season on the farm.  I am surprised by how much easier some things have gotten.  Our yearly planning sessions take less time because we have a broader understanding of what kinds of time,energetic, asset and emotional commitments we are making.  Each year we have a choice to shift our production to better meet our family and financial situation. We also need to find a new reason each year to be excited about what we do.  This year, we are experimenting with growing some of the grains that will feed our chickens in 2017.  We are also spot testing some organic fertilizers to help bring our soils into balance and increase our pasture production.  (Brian has written software that compares the cost and ingredients of the available fertilizers with the needs of our imputed soil analysis-Remember I said we were nerd farmers!)  Our biggest news is that we have an on-line store.  We have chosen not to return to the Oakland farmer’s market and focus our energies on making local deliveries accessible to more customers.  This is a new venture for us, we welcome your feedback on the ordering and delivery process.  We also humbly ask for you to spread the word.

We have an On-line Store

We have most of our products Certified Naturally Grown Beef products listed and will add a few more as the season progresses.  What does this mean for you? We hope ordering on-line will make selecting the products you want easier and more convenient.  We will still look forward to seeing you at the delivery time and are available to chat anytime.  

We currently have deliveries scheduled in-

Oakland, MD (April (6th)

Falls Church, VA (April 2nd)

Glen Echo, MD (April 1st)

Morgantown,  WV (weekly deliveries will be available soon)

If you are interested in organizing a delivery to your site, let us know.

Our goal with the DC and Pittsburgh delivery sites is to visit approximately 4 times a year.    We deliver to Morgantown, WV Weekly and Oakland, MD Bi-monthly.

Chicken CSA Reservations

We are taking reservations for our chicken CSA.  There are 5 pick up dates this year.  

Reservation deposits made at the link above allow you  to pick up a fresh chicken the day after they are harvested. Chickens are $4.65/lb. When you arrive for pick up we will deduct this $10 from the total price of the chicken, the balance is due at time of pick up. Chickens average $20 each. Our meat chickens are fed our CNG organically grown grain and raised in shelters on pasture. We move their shelters onto fresh grass each day. This gives them green stuff to eat, a clean place to be and bugs to eat. All poultry are harvested on the farm and processed by us. We sell whole chickens that average 4-6lbs.  Above all, these chickens are tasty, tender and juicy!

The last two years we have experimented with alternatives to the white cornish cross chicken and are excited to announce that we are exclusively raising a heritage breed bird this year.  This particular type of bird develops a nice breast size while healthily thriving. We value biodiversity and are excited to be making this transition.



We have a few more spots in our Oakland, MD Egg CSA.  You can sign up here, Deadline is April 2nd.  There will be 13 deliveries between April and September of-1 dz eggs, Pick-ups will be every other Wednesday starting on April 6th. Eggs are from pasture raised hens fed our custom mixed feed. Our hens eat lots of grass and bugs during the growing season and are fed our custom milled non-GMO, pesticide, herbicide, fungicide, hormone and antibiotic free feed. Most ingredients are sourced locally and are Certified Organic. Our eggs are not CNG right now because we buy our hens close to laying age from a conventional farm. They are treated as CNG livestock on our farm.

Just for Fun

Bunnies are back!  We tried and failed miserably to raise rabbits 2 years ago.  Even though Brian tried to get us to get rid of the rabbit equipment,Arianna and I knew we would try again in the future.  We are looking forward to a better start this time with rabbits from Savage River Farm.  


Have a hoppy Spring!

Brian, Jennie, Arianna and Aden Kahly

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