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Poultry and Beef Orders

Posted by possumtailfarm on May 12, 2015

2015 Poultry Order Form

We FINALLY finished the Poultry order form.  We hope the design is more user friendly this year.  Just print this flyer and mail it in with your deposit.  If you have any issues with the flyer or filling it out, please call us.  

We will have fewer butcher days this year.  We will be spending the bulk of our time improving infrastructure on the farm so that we can grow more in the years to come.  

Our first broiler chicks arrive tomorrow!


Beef available in June

Brian has finished our cattle sorting and handling facility.  We can now weigh, sort, load and continue to provide a high level of care for our cattle!  We are so excited to put this new equipment to use loading our first steer for butcher in a couple of weeks!   We have arranged with our favorite butcher, and will be paying a little more this year, to get our ground beef vacuum sealed and closer to 1# packages.  This means our cattle will still spend only 20 min in transit from our farm to the butcher, but, we can offer a more consistent product and support the growth of another local business.  

We are taking reservations for Whole and 1/2 beefs.  You can reserve a whole of 1/2 beef by e-mailing us and sending a $1000 or $500 deposit respectively.  These guys will be butchered and available for pick-up in November. 

Kids Co-op

Arianna has organized a group of kids to sell at the Oakland Farmer’s Market this year.  Xavi and Isis from Round Right Farm will sell veggies.  Iris from Backbone Food Farm will be selling ducktape crafts, paracord bracelets and houseplants.  Arianna will be selling beaded earrings, cut flowers and playing her hammered dulcimer.  We are excited to help support the next generation of entrepreneurs!


Just for fun  

We are experimenting with growing some of our own grains this year.  We may have organically grown cannellini beans for sale this fall and winter.  They are an Italian white kidney bean.    Brian and Aden have enjoyed preparing for the beans-tilling, spreading manure and napping on the tractor!  

We are also developing a fun space to play here.  We’ve done some landscaping and added a sand pit this spring.  Between the rope swing, sand pit, stream and zipline (coming attraction) Make sure to bring kids when you pick up your poultry!

We are grateful every day to have the opportunity to continue to improve the quality of land and water on our farm.  Your support of our farm is making a difference in our world and community!


Thank you!

Brian, Jennie, Arianna and Aden Kahly


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