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Babies On the Farm

Posted by possumtailfarm on May 30, 2016

Spring Spring Spring!  

This is definitely the most fun time on the farm.  We have babies everywhere-chicken babies, goat kids, calves and baby bunnies.  Getting up at midnight to check on the chicks in the brooder is not so bad when you get to observe fluffy balls thriving in their comfortable and healthy environment. As farmers our feedback comes in a couple of forms.  

  1. Customer feedback-Is the food we are producing tasty, tender?

  2. Animal/production feedback-Are the animals and pastures productive?

  3. Personal feedback-How are our bodies and emotions holding up to the work and stress?

So, when I see chicks growing well, happily chirping (as compared with the shrill -something is wrong chirp) and generally running around and having fun, I know I’m doing a good job.  That feels fantastic.

Chickens available June 28th

Reserve your first chickens of the season on our on-line store.  If you you are making your first order on-line the coupon code WELCOME10 will save you $10 off of your first order.  

Reservation deposits made at the link above allow you  to pick up a fresh chicken the day after they are harvested. Chickens are $4.65/lb. When you arrive for pick up we will deduct this $10 from the total price of the chicken, the balance is due at time of pick up. Chickens average $20 each. Our meat chickens are fed our CNG organically grown grain and raised in shelters on pasture. We move their shelters onto fresh grass each day. This gives them green stuff to eat, a clean place to be and bugs to eat. All poultry are harvested on the farm and processed by us. We sell whole chickens that average 4-6lbs.  Above all, these chickens are tasty, tender and juicy!

We are raising a heritage breed chicken this year.  We are excited to be departing from the Cornish cross breed that has been bred for industrial models of farming.  These colored chickens are just as tasty and produce a nice sized bird too.  We got great reviews from the customers who got a few of our sample batch last year.  We hope you will like them as much as we do :) 


Eggs are available for weekly delivery to Morgantown.  You can place your order through the link to our store above.  




We will be harvesting more beef at the end of June. We have a small selection of beef available right now for local delivery.  We plan to make deliveries to Pittsburgh, Falls Church, Glen Echo in July and August.  We are super excited to have the cattle off hay and grazing again!  It is amazing to watch them dive into lush pasture and put the pounds on :)

A new Falls Church customer said our ground beef was amazing in this North African Meat Ball recipe

Just for Fun

Last month we told you about our second try at raising rabbits.  Well here is your cute quota for the day.  Baby bunnies enjoying a fresh snack with momma.  


We hope that you enjoy the warmth and longer days that the season brings and fill them with activities and stillness that connect you to each other and nature.


Brian, Jennie, Arianna and Aden Kahly

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