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We are about to build a barn.  That doesn’t sound mind boggling, but it is. We are about to build a barn! That one sentence conveys that we are in this for the long haul.  We are in our 5th year of farming.  We can finally see that the farm is beginning to be profitable and we are taking on a 10yr debt betting on that progress.  We are here to stay and we are investing in our farming future.   


Our current barn is ripe with wabi-sabi coolness but the foundation is falling, the floor and roofs have multiple holes that will be too costly to repair.  We currently worry about the safety of family, farm help and guests in the current barn.  

IMG_0791 (1).JPG

This is a photo of the future barn laid out with stakes.  We will share the barn progress with you in the next newsletter and on Facebook. .  Thank you for trusting us to raise food for you.  Thank you for voting with your dollars.  Thank you for choosing what makes our farm different--pasture raised organically fed animals that are consciously cared for. Thank you for supporting us in this journey both emotionally and financially.  We love growing food for you!  We are watching the farm grow sustainable food but also beginning to be financially sustainable.  

How to Get our Meat- The New and Improved Version

As we are putting down physical roots (timbers in this case) we are also weaving virtual roots as most of our sales are migrating to our on-line store. We invite you to try it.  The first time using Barn2Door can be a little confusing.  You will need to sign up before placing items in your cart.  When selecting items you will also need to choose the delivery location.  To offset the learning curve Barn2Door offers a $10 coupon off any order over $10.  Seriously, you could order 2 pounds of ground beef and only pay about $4.    The coupon code is WELCOME10.  


We are now delivering to Morgantown on Saturdays twice a month in addition to our normal Thursday deliveries.  (July 28, August 6th and 11th)

We have deliveries going to Falls church (August 13) and Pittsburgh (July 28) and one in the works for Baltimore.  

Oakland deliveries are every 2 weeks (July 27 and August 10th)

We add deliveries and products a couple of times a month.  So, come back on a regular basis to see what’s going on.  

Lots of Chicken Available

We have frozen chicken, livers, hearts and feet  available for delivery or farm pick up.   Reserve your fresh chickens of the season on our on-line store.  Our chickens are pasture raised and fed organically raised, custom milled feed.  

In the past we were unable to deliver chicken into Maryland.  The on-line store enables you to pay for your chicken before delivery which makes the delivery legal.  The chicken is not “moving in commerce” at that point.  It is a technicality, but, we can finally deliver our chicken to our friends in Oakland and McHenry.  


We have our Certified Naturally Grown grass-fed and grass-finished steaks, roasts, patties, ground beef, stew meat, hoagie meat, soup bones. Liver and cheek meat in stock.  New-Hot Italian sausage and breakfast sausage, the sausage will be added to the store in a couple of days, we just got it back from the butcher.  .  

It is that time of year again.  We are taking reservations for freezer beef.   If you are interested in buying a larger quantity of beef.  Please contact us for details or make your reservation in the store.  

Just for Fun

Rainfall. Most folks only have to worry if they are going to get wet or not.  We keep careful records of rainfall.  Brian can tell you exactly how much rain we have had every week for at least 3 years.  We cannot rely on weather reports to calculate our rainfall because it is such a specific measurement.  We need to know exactly how much rain has fallen on our farm, not a mile from here.  It rained about 1/16 of an inch last night.  Guess what?  That means 251,000 gallons of water fell on our farm.  I know farms are important to watersheds and we want to keep toxins and animal wastes out of the rivers, but, until last night I did not understand the volume of water to which those statements apply.  So folks, that is 251,000 gallons of water add to our watershed that we can guarantee is free of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and excessive animal manure runoff.  Isn’t that COOL?

We hope to see you on the farm or at a delivery soon!

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