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A Step Beyond Sustainable

Posted by admin on November 10, 2014

Brian and I make an effort to continually improve our farm.  We recently learned of the term "Regenerative Agriculture".  This is a step beyond just sustaining the land that we steward.  As we reflected on our farming practices we thought you folks would like to know what steps we are taking to build the biodiversity of the soils from which we sustain ourselves.  So here is the first installment!

The way we graze our animals is probably the single best thing we can do for the fields and soils.  Brian keeps a constant eye on our pastures, the species and density of plant life growing and quality of soil.  Our goal is to move cattle into a field at the point where grazing will actually encourage plant growth and root development.   The area they graze is sized to be 1 days worth of forage based on the total weight of the herd.   The next day Brian will move them into the next space.  It is the nature of grasses to respond to light grazing with a surge of new growth.  The trees in your yard respond similarly when pruned.  This process also deepens the root system of the stand of grass providing habitat for worms, bugs and microorganisms.  The continuous grazing is the standard way to graze.  This is evident when you see a pasture that looks like a golf course but has some very tall weeds.  There is very little sustenance available in that pasture, the species that the cattle don't like to eat are the only ones that actually reproduce and the root system is so shallow is cannot weather drought well.  So, every time we move our cattle we see the fields behind them thrive and improve.  It warms our hearts to watch the land regenerate.

Thanksgiving Turkey

We have a few Turkey's left.  To order, you can fill out the poultry reservation form, call us or stop by the Oakland Farmer's Market on Saturdays.

Cattle Corner

We harvested a new steer and have a large selection of beef to bring to the market this Saturday!  The freezers are restocked!  We now offer coolers to borrow, just ask.   We have a couple of beef halves left to sell.  They will be taken to the butcher on October 22nd.  Please contact us to make a reservation and pay your deposit.


We have enough eggs for the market again!  We also have a couple spots in our Egg CSA if you are hoping for eggs through the winter. What is an Egg CSA?  We deliver eggs to the Oakland MD area every two weeks.  Members prepay for the amount of eggs they want and they are guaranteed yummy, healthy, farm fresh eggs without having to wait in line.  Welcome to the new members of our CSA!


We have frozen chicken available on the farm right now.  If you haven't filled out your reservation form this is your chance!  The next fresh Chicken pick up day will be October 29th between 3-6pm.   As always, our poultry are Certified Naturally Grown and raised on pasture.  They are GMO, pesticide, herbicide, persistent pesticide and fungicide free.

At the Market

We will be at the Oakland Farmer's market on October8th or 1oth as part of the Autumn Glory Festival Market.  Check our Facebook page to find out which day we can make it.  We will also attend October 11, 18, 25, and 29th.  The 29th is the last market of the season.  Don't worry though, we can deliver meat to Oakland with our Egg CSA.  You are also welcome to come to the farm through the winter  and spring months.

Just For Fun

We have struggled recently with our hen housing infrastructure.  Our old hens are out in the pasture and our new hens are near the house in the hen winter housing.  We didn't feel that the young hens were getting enough greens and finally decided to let all 200 graze in our yard.  So, if you come by with the chickens are out please be careful (for the chickens and the 2 year old)!

Family Life

Brian's dad, our neighbor and constant helper is in the hospital.  His mom, our babysitter is tending to him.  We are keeping him in our thoughts and prayers.  This is a good reminder not to take the loved ones we see everyday for granted.  He is being missed deeply and his healthy return is much awaited.  

Our Best to You!
Brian, Jennie, Arianna and Aden Kahly

Possum Tail Farm
1771 Oak Grove Rd
Terra Alta, WV 26764
304-989-7246 cell

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