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Camping @ Possum Tail Farm

Posted by possumtailfarm on July 13, 2019

I don't think it's possible for my camp stay at Possum Tail Farm to have been any better. When I first arrived, Brian, their son and their puppy welcomed me and kindly showed me several camping spots tucked around their property that I could choose from. They were all so picturesque, there's no wrong choice. There are great options for tents and for my van. There was a large picnic table set under the trees and right next to their garden — a peaceful and comfortable place to cook dinner while enjoying beautiful views of the farm. There is also a cute and very clean composting toilet shed nearby, along with access to a bathroom in the main house. It was my first time solo camping, and they made me feel so welcomed. Jennie brought me firewood, Brian stopped for a quick chat before his post-dinner farm work and their son and puppy were endless entertainment as they romped through the garden and up and around the trees as I cooked my dinner. I got a sense of what it's like to really live on farm... you know, without all the hard work part.

The next morning Brian and Jennie took me on an awesome tour of their farm. They showed me their new large barn that included a new solar energy project, a tinyhouse they're currently constructing, their farm store and the machinery, tools they need and use on a daily basis. I then went into the pasture with Brian to move the cows. I don't think I've ever been so close to cows before! It was pretty exciting — they were friendly, chill yet clearly pumped for their next meal (who isn't?). Brian taught me about rotational grazing, all the different types of grasses, and answered all my weird specific questions, even about their super sleek electric fences (they really are pretty cool). They showed me how they feed their pigs, and discussed why they have pigs and their previous history with goats and chickens. You really get an understanding of the continual growth that comes with being a farmer. Jennie walked me through her garden. She was excited to show me all that she's growing — from asparagus and rhubarb to strawberries and garlic scapes. She was humble and honest about the effort and work a garden really takes, and she's open to all and any questions you have, whether it's about replanting, propagating green onions, blueberry bushes, growing beans, and especially her newest project: a medicinal herb garden. They have so many interesting projects and are so enthusiastic to share them with you. Possum Tail Farm is truly a beautiful place to camp, and their tour gives you a detailed glimpse into their ever-evolving, unique day-to-day life. They are farmers, entrepreneurs, stewards — they care so hard about what they do, and they inspire you to care so hard about what you want to do too. I HIGHLY recommend Possum Tail Farm!!

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