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Is Spring around the corner?  We’ve had a few good snows and melts.  That means we do our best to manage the amazing amount of water that comes down from the road and into our front field.  Our first year back in Grandma and Grandpa's house that water ended up flooding our basement.  Brian fixed that pretty quick with some ditches (that we still haven’t got around to making prettier).  But, the basement doesn’t flood.  The hen house and garage do though…..  We love snow but not the melt so much!  

Our fruit trees look close to bud swell and it is just starting to feel like Spring.  Maybe it is the longer days :)  We hope that you are feeling the hope of Spring too.  If not, get outside!  

Upcoming Deliveries

Orders can be placed in the on-line shop.

Morgantown, WV-  Every Single Thursday

Oakland, MD-  Feb 22, March 8th, etc  (bi-weekly)

Chevy Chase-  April 1st

Alexandria, VA-  April 1st

Falls Church, VA-  April 1st

Berkeley Springs, WV-  March 31st

Pittsburgh, PA-  April 7th

Cattle Corner

The Grassfed Grass-finished cows are doing great this winter eating………..grass……..dried grass…….HAY!

It has been cold at times but they haven’t had as much snow to deal with. There have been a  number of warm days that they have been able to stretch out and nap comfortably in the sun.  

We are beginning to move to totally boneless steak cuts.  We are now selling a Delmonico steak instead of a bone-in rib-eye.  No picture yet in the store but I assure you, they look good and taste better :)

We have started using a lot more Sirloin Steaks in our meal planning.  They  are easy to cut up and cook for a couple of quick weeknight meals.   For being the least expensive steak, they still pack a lot of flavor and tenderness.  

Here is what Sheila said about our beef soup bones--

Jenny, just wanted to let you and the world know that I made the absolute best beef barley soup in the world this week using broth I made from the beef soup bones that I got from you. My husband and I both loved the rich (yet non-fatty) flavor. I'll be back for more...

Pasture Raised Eggs

If you buy our eggs please see Stew Hens below.  

The winter has been hard on the hens and we haven’t had as many as we’d like.  They do seem to be laying very well now, finally!  So, eggs are back in the on-line shop.  

Pasture Raised CNG Chicken

We still have a good selection of whole chickens, breasts, leg quarters and backs (for broth).

Pasture Raised CNG Stew Hens

We have eggs to sell.  That means we also have stew hens.  These ladies can be cooked in a number of ways.  Here is a link to a fun blog about stew hens with a few links to recipes like Paleo Kicken BBQ Shredded Chicken.  If you buy our eggs please try a stew hen or two or ten.  Selling these hens keeps the cost of our eggs lower than it would be otherwise.  

Pature Raised Rabbits

We have begun selling our rabbits at a discounted price since we are hoping you will try one.  They are whole rabbits in shrink bags just like chickens.   

This is what Judi says--

Give the rabbit a try! We had it last week--even with a recipe that I decided I didn't like, the rabbit itself was really good. It's been many years since I'd eaten rabbit, though I don't remember it being this delicious.

Not so Fun

Recently Brian sprained his back.  We aren't really sure how he did it but it took a couple of days for him to even be able to put on his own socks.  His injury caused me to cancel attending a planned farming conference and spend the week at home making sure he didn't have to do anything too early and risk re-injuring his back.  Thank goodness this is our slow season for farming and he was still able to do other work laying in bed.  We are so lucky to have healthy parents next door who are willing to jump in and help when we need it.  We are feeling very blessed and grateful to have such a wonderful support network.  We have certainly paid careful attention to the lesson that everything in life is ephemeral and are expressing gratitude for the loveliness in life.  

Stay Tuned

Every February Brian and I get together and plan the coming year.  We will let you know -what we plan on raising in 2017- when it will be available and how you can get it- in the next Blog.

Our Best to You!

Brian, Jennie, Arianna and Aden Kahly

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